Motorola EX124g Review: FAQ

Published: 21st September 2011
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I canít count how many people have asked relating to this handset, most of which I have been incapable of answering. One big factor why I lack all the knowledge about this phone is the fact that itís not out for sale yet. So what I usually do, when left faced with the somewhat annoying question (no offense), is this: enumerate the features.

If I were to cite the most important thing in choosing a phone, that would be the features. And having said that, some features that we can expect from the Motorola EX124g is a 3.0MP camera, giving users high-resolution pictures, and good video recording quality as well.

One thing Iím sure about this phone is that it will run on the GSM network. If you want hi-speed internet on the go, that wonít be a problem as this phone is (according to hearsay) said to be 3G capable. Also, itís practically a no-brainer when I say that itíll be a touch-screen model.

I donít really believe many of the rumors but thereís one going around about this phone, saying: itíll have a full QWERTY keyboard - I still think itís nothing more than a rumor, and that it isnít true though. Next, it comes with internal memory of 110MB. And if thatís not good enough for you, you can choose to expand it by using a micro SD card of up to 8GB. Exchanging files is a piece of cake, thanks to Bluetooth and the likelihood of a Wi-Fi connection.

StraightTalk, Net10 and Tracfone are the three prepaid carriers that are most likely to release this phone out in the market. However, I feel Tracfone is not 100% sure that it will really release the EX 124g, based on the fact that they have been falling behind in phone selection compared to the two other prepaid carriers.

Lastly, another question that many have been asking lately is "will the EX124g be better than the LG 800g?" Iím sure you would agree if I say that is a tough question especially since we donít have one of the phones in our hands yet. However, putting things into perspective, itíll most likely be the Ex124g because the 3.0MP camera is way better than the 2.0MP of the 800g; and on top of that, itís 3G capable and has a good chance of having Wi-Fi.

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