Questions and Answers About the Motorola EX124g

Published: 20th September 2011
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People email me and ask questions about this phone on a regular basis and so being the nice guy I am, I provide them with the answers, which regretably isnít much. Why? The main factor why I lack all the knowledge about this phone is the fact that itís not out for sale yet. So Iíve come up with a solution and that is to give you a rundown of what to look forward to the Ex124g.

One of the essentials we take into account when picking out the best phone would be none other than its features. The first on the list (and worth-mentioning) for the Motorola EX124g is the 3.0MP camera. With that much resolution, taking high quality pictures and video clips is cetainly possible.

Moving along, the "g" attached to its name indicates that it will operate on the GSM network. Mobile web browsing would be more convenient as it is said to have 3G capabilities (though Iím not 100% sure about that.) Next thing about this handset is that itíll be a touch-screen phone for sure, as you all can tell, judging by its pictures.

Iíve come across some comments that the Ex124g is rumored to have a full QWERTY keyboard; but I firmly believe thereís not much truth in that statement. In addition, saving all sorts of media files wouldnít be a problem as it comes with an internal memory of 110MB and a memory card slot that gives you the possibility of expanding it to 8GB. Sharing files would be easy as it is Bluetooth ready and thereís also a chance of it having Wi-Fi.

Just in case you were wondering, the Motorola EX124g will soon be released by 3 prepaid couriers, namely: Net10, Straight Talk, and Tracfone. However, itís not certain whether or not Tracfone will definitely get the phone or not, since theyíve been seemingly "falling behind" with releasing new handset models.

You may have the same question in mind as the others: "Will the Motorola EX124g be greater than the LG 800g?" That question gives me a headache since the phone is not on the market yet. Nevertheless, the 3.0MP camera of the Ex124g (against the 2.0 MP camera of the 800g), and the 3G capabilities and Wi-Fi will surely make it the better of the two, as far as I can tell at this point.

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